Services We Provide

Laser Engraving and Cutting Table:

                                       Engrave        Cut
Wood                                 x                        x
Acrylic                                x                        x
Fabric                                x                        x
Glass                                x        
Coated Metals                 x        
Ceramic                            x        
Delrin                                x                        x
Cloth                                  x                        x
Leather                              x                       x
Marble                                x        
Matte Board                       x                       x
Melamine                          x                        x
Paper                                 x                        x
Mylar                                   x                        x
Pressboard                       x                        x
Rubber                               x                        x
Wood Veneer                    x                        x
Fiberglass                         x                        x
Painted Metals                  x        
Tile                                       x        
Plastic                                 x                        x
Cork                                     x                        x
Corian                                  x                       x
Anodized Aluminum          x        
Ceramics                            x        
Stainless Steel                  *         
Brass                                   *         
Titanium                              *         
Bare Metals                        *  

CNC Router Engraving and Cutting:

2-D and 3-D Sign, Art Panels
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